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Bath Salt Samples (buy it, try it)


Not sure about getting a whole jar of bath salts?  Try a sample!  Made with the same things as the regular sized jars, these samples are great for a tub or foot tub soak!


***"Dream A Little Dream" - This one is purple colored, lavender scented (with lavender essential oil which is great for soothing and comforting) is sure to help you relax and get a good nights rest.


***"Free Your Mind" - This one is blue in color and scented with the wonderful essential oils of rosemary (great for the respiratory system and sinuses), peppermint (great for the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems) and lavender (great for soothing and comforting) and sure to put your mind at ease!


***"Oh What A Relief" - Our only unscented bath salt made with powdered milk (great for making the skin feel radiant and supple) and baking soda (great for skin prone to greasiness, porousness and the prevention of bacteria as with acne). This bath salt works well on soothing itchy or dry skin. Also good for sensitive skin.


***"Down By The Sea" - Scented with vetiver essential oil (which is great for relaxing an overactive mind, arthritis symptoms and calming the cardio-respiratory system) for that smell that reminds you of being by the sea and with sea blue speckles, you'll bring a piece of the sea to your bathroom.

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  • "Thank you for the totally awesome bath salts! I can't wait to try the other products!"
    Susan K., Hartford, CT
  • "These products are great. My skin is always thirsty for moisture. The scrubs leave your skin feeling hydrated and loved. Experience it yourself! RUNAMAZON, NYC"

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